Saturday, July 27, 2013

The 1950's Doll I Thought I'd Never Own


I have seen these 1950's era dolls on several blogs, and always thought they were beautiful, but since I really know nothing about them, I always assumed that I wouldn't own any. Well, a spur of the moment trip to the Goodwill Warehouse changed that. After Spunk's dental checkup, we debated whether or not we felt like thrifting. I leaned toward going home, and after some deliberation, we decided we needed an adventure. The tables/bins were picked over and about half empty. We'd been thru three or four bins when I spotted this doll. After consulting a blogger friend, I feel certain she is some type of  Valentine doll. Most Valentine dolls seem to have high-heel shaped feet and this doll's are flat. Most of the Valentine dolls on ebay look exactly like her. I am still pinching myself to see if this is a dream. I think she is beautiful! The scariest part of all is that within just minutes of picking her up, an employee announced that all the bins would be taken away (to go to the dump) and new ones brought in. I can't even bear to think about her ending up in the dump.

Here are a few more pictures of her. She is a little over 19 inches tall. As you can see she has knee and ankle joints. She has most of her hair, but it is so dry and brittle and matted, that I am afraid even the miraculous "Downy dunk" won't save it. We shall see....

The poor dear was completely unclothed when I found her. She is borrowing some clothes I bought for a magic attic doll years ago. Thank you for stopping by.

"Hmmm. This Downy stuff better be pretty good."

"I feel like quite the lady."
"Oh no! We didn't wear miniskirts in my day!"



  1. She is gorgeous and she doesn't even seem to have green ear like my Juliet. Actually it looks like she doesn't have pierced ears, which is good! I just read on Living a Dolls Life blogspot that many people give up on the Downy Dunk after three hours, but for best results give it 24 hours!

    What are you going to name her?

  2. She is a lovely gorgeous doll, lucky you! She has a very pretty face. Will you crochet something for her to wear?

  3. Dear Audra and Lizzie
    I still haven't tried the 24 hr Downy dunk on Betty yet. I am looking forward to sewing 50's style clothes for know, the fitted bodice & full skirt, adorned with a pearl necklace. Unfortunately all that is still on hold until my wrist heals. It's so frustrating to have spent the entire summer in either a cast or a splint. I realize people suffer from much worse, so I do try to count my blessings and Spunk and I are thrifting regularly, so that when I can use my wrist there will be plenty of dollies that need dresses. Thank you both for your kind comments.