Saturday, July 13, 2013

A New Arrival...Finally!

Hello. This is my beautiful new little girl, Robin. She is a My Twinn doll and is 23" tall. I bought her from ebay. Fortunately (Unfortunately?) I am very experienced at buying dolls from ebay, so I know how to track a package and know about how long something should take to reach me. The lady who shipped her to me mailed her on July 5, 2013. I checked on the status of her tracking far more often than I probably should have, and by July 8th, the status hadn't progressed from the pkg having been accepted in Alabama. I contacted my post office, and my mail carrier even called me to explain they hadn't seen the pkg. I opened up a case on ebay, and finally early on the morning of July 10th called the Alabama post office and asked about her. The clerk explained that she's been sent off once and returned to their post office and that she'd sent the pkg back out on Saturday July 6th. I then called my own post office here in South Carolina, and the clerk here told me that they did indeed have a pkg for me & that the writing on the label had been almost completely washed off. I asked if I could come get her, and the clerk replied that since I'd been put thru so much that she'd bend the rules and let me come to a special door and pick her up before the PO opened.

When I got her home, Spunk and I cut thru MANY layers of tape and paper, and found her crumpled up in the bottom of the box wearing this toddler's dress (tied up tight in the back so it did look ok).

We dedided that she'd spent WAY too much time in that baggy toddler's dress and that she'd be much more comfortable in some hand-me-down Build A Bear sleep pants. We didn't have a shirt her size so we made a trip to the Miracle Mart (a very worthy charity thrift store) and found a brand new bright green t-shirt that fits her perfectly.

After we got Robin settled and in more comfortable clothing, she joined Spunk and I for a few episodes of one of our favorite animes. Robin decided that a pink rabbit in our toy stash looked like a magical animal in the anime, and instantly made it her own. Here are a few pictures of Robin soaking up the sun on the back of our couch and at play in our yard:


As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I am taking a couple of college classes. I've had a huge amount of homework lately and have felt bad about neglecting Robin and our other dolly family members. Here is a picture of them entertaining themselves (on my unmade bed *blushes*) as I study:


Thank you for visiting our little corner of The Dolly World!


  1. What a harrowing ordeal for poor little Robin! But she looks like she's recovered and enjoying her new home and family. Aren't you glad we don't have to entertain our dolls & bears (and monkeys and bunnies)? What a fun size she is, you can get her second hand clothes so easily.

    MY excuse for not making the bed is: "The dog's still asleep and I don't want to disturb her."

  2. I love your excuse. I can tell you are a very humane person. Since we have a pit bull & a Doberman, I think I'd rather make my bed than have them sleep with me. You asked in an ealier comment if Molly had come from thrifting. I bought her off Craigslist. She came from a clean home, but she was definitely in "played with" condition. I had to repart her hair and rebraid it, and I supplied her with panties & her new sun dress. My mother was a child during WWII, so I've always been particularly sentimental about Molly. I get my cast cut off July 23, and I am so excited to start sewing for the dolls. I just can't decide who to sew for first. I bought a cloth panel with the dress printed on it for the Daisy Kingdom doll. I just love those old dolls, and I wanted to experience all things "Daisy Kingdom". I can understand your missing yours. Sounds like we need to keep an eye out for a good deal for you on ebay! Well, homework is calling. As always, it is so good to hear from you.