Friday, July 19, 2013

A New, Portable Little Friend

This little gal helping me with my school work is a Corolline Mini Doll. Our friend, Big Guy had given me a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas, and I finally used it to purchase this doll and a book on crocheting and knitting for small dolls. I haven't thought of a name for her (I welcome all suggestions!!!).

I'm not sure how well you can read the ruler, but she is a mere 8" tall. I was wanting a doll that I could easily slip into my purse or backpack for those days when I just feel like I'd enjoy a little dolly company on the go. So far, I am really pleased with her. Once again, I am eagerly awaiting the removal of this cast so that I can begin either sewing or knitting for her.

One last picture of my little girl. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a little cutie! She looks a little intimidated at all the school work. Don't make her work too hard.

    I've never heard of her before (I'm always amazed at how many dolls I haven't heard of). And what a coincidence, because today I bought a little 8 inch Ginny doll (Vogue 1988) at work. I named her Betsy. (Yours could be a Betsy too, if you think it fits her.)

    These girls might be a challenge to dress. I'm definitely going to have to learn how to knit or at least follow crochet patterns.

  2. You find the best treasures! I am delighted that you now have a Ginny doll and I think Betsy is a very fitting name. I am tempted to use it too. My best friend when I was at Clemson (100 years ago) was named Betsy, so the name is very special to me. I've seen tons of Ginny patterns on ebay, but I think she's changed proportions over the years, so some adjusting might be needed. I can't wait to see a picture of her. I've been wondering for quite a while if Wayfarers Inn still exists and if they have experienced any adventures lately. I am embarassed to admit how many times I've gone back and read about their luau again. You really out did yourself there! I've also wondered about the Graysons. Do you still have them? I saw a little 1/12 family like Dr. & Mrs. Grayson at Hobby Lobby, and was reminded of them. You do weave the most charming tales about your doll families. I think you need to publish a book! Well, gotta run. Spunk has a dental checkup this afternoon. Keep having fun!

  3. She's a lovely little doll, nice size to knit or crochet for, and sew for, she wouldn't take much fabric to make a dress would she. I like my little dolls for this.

    Glad you visited my blog and I can now visit yours, I love Audra's blog posts, they are such fun to read!

  4. You and Audra both have brightened my world with your posts. I'm afraid Audra isn't the only one who corrupts people with dolly fever. I bought my new Corolline Mini Doll because I've admired your little Gotz Just Like Me doll, and they are very difficult to get in the US. I've only found them on UK and international ebay and from shops in the UK. Once my arm is healed, I am looking forward to sewing/knitting for a small doll. I am ashamed to admit it, but last night to celebrate a good test grade in one of my classes, I ordered a Corolle Les Cheries doll AND a Gotz Precious Day doll. I've been admiring them on your blog, too. Fortunately I got a fantastic deal on both of them. I've told myself the doll buying (except for awesome deals at the thrift shops) has to STOP. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Oh dear, your are now addicted! I just decided this evening to make my Corolle Les Cheries doll something next. This doll is really pretty isn't it. I took ages to go ahead and buy one, it is so hard to resist a nice doll isn't it. I have managed to stop buying dolls lately but you never know what you'll see and be tempted.

  5. She is so elegant. I'd have liked to just bought the Gotz Precious Day doll and been done with it(since I love sewing for 18" dolls), but the Les Cherie doll was too exquisite to pass up. Who could say "No" to that beautiful little face? Will you sew or knit for your Chloe? Chloe is the one I chose as well. Perhaps a Corolline Mini Doll will find her way into your doll family next.

  6. I've done both sewing and knitting for my Chloe. She always looks nice. Have you seen the French blogs with Les Cherie dolls? They do some outstanding clothes.

  7. I've seen them! Very inspiring. It looks like I'll be able to successfully translate them with Bing. One site even has little knitted dresses for the Corolline Minis. I am looking forward to seeing what you make for Chloe this time. I am worse than a child when it comes to waiting for dollies to arrive in the mail. I've already decided that I'll name my Les Cherie, Martine. Til next time.