Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Friend for Autumn

Hello. This is an Autumn Leaves Lottie doll. I won her in a giveaway on Beast'sbelle's doll blog, http://nevergrowupdollguide.blogspot.com/ . Thank you, Beast'sbelle! I'm still as excited as a child about having won her. She is only 7 inches tall, and seems very well made. Her hair is shiny, and looks like it will stay nice. I wanted to take her picture somewhere other than my desktop, but she's made herself at home here, so the desktop it is. This is a reasonably priced line of dolls (currently available on Amazon), and I love how young and innocent she looks. Her clothes are well made and as you can see, very detailed. She even came with a little winter jacket, scarf and hat. Thank you for stopping by.

"I like this guy. He has big eyes just like me!"

"Now if it would only cool off in the southern United States."

"I'm just the right size to go exploring."